#Stayhome #Corona – What to do during your time at home?

#Stayhome #Corona – What to do during your time at home?

31 maart 2020 Uit Door Tarik El Fehmi

Amsterdam’s Dam Square is deserted, the area around the Brandenburger Tor is empty and the same goes for Ostrow Tumski in the commercial center of Poland, Poznan. We are all indoors and are gonna have to make the best out of it for the time to come. But what to do? Here are some tips for fighting boredom while #socialdistancing. Yeah, we know its a change of pace after talking about shirt collars…

Here’s some suggestions to get you through.

Watch something on Netflix you would normally never watch

You’re at home in your comfort zone but that doesn’t mean you can’t step outside of it. Just slightly… How about watching something on Netflix that you normally would never watch? Never in a million years? Just to expand your horizon. You’re into Jane The Virgin? Watch American Sniper or Bodyguard. Is Better Call Saul your gig? Try Gossip Girl on for size. Just point, click and watch those titles you would never watch in a million years. Who knows what you might stumble upon.

Join a local initiative

The times are f#$%ked but it sure brings us together because people are coming with initiatives everywhere. Join one or start your own. How about these people offering help to those in need online in the Netherlands? Or people dj-ing every day on Facebook to keep friends and strangers entertained and to spread some good vibes. Corona Concerts are being organized in houses everywhere! Check the ‘Live’ tab in the FB user menu. Perhaps join a fitness class (albeit virtually) on a courtyard in Berlin?

Lets be positive: the possibilities are endless in the year 2020.

Check in with the people you haven’t talked to in a while

Your brother in another city, your friend who moved to another country, your favourite aunt and uncle whom you haven’t talked to in a while. Your mom and dad! Check in with them! For U%^&$% sake people! Its 2020! There’s huge amount of communication technologies at your disposal! Use them and check on your loved ones! How are they doing? Let them know you care!

Get fit

You don’t need a fancy gym and a 1001 weights and fitness gear in order to get into shape or stay that way. There’s a ton of fitness exercises you can do with all those fitness tuts on YouTube. How about here, here or here. Or go for a stretch  and strength and get your online yoga on. Not to mention all those popular fitness apps for your smartphone or tablet like Nike Training Club, Sworkit or the 7 Minute Workout! Now might be the best time to cancel that gym subscription, more than ever!

To our Belgian readers. The Flemish government is calling upon its people to keep moving during these times at home. And hey keeping the body in shape is never a bad idea, it’s your temple after all.

If you wish to intensify your work outs more: check out the fitness gear @ iBOOD S&F! NOW GO! GO! RUN!

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Learn to play an instrument

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to dust off that old keyboard or guitar and order some strings online if necessary and start learning. By the time you come from ‘house arrest’ you’ll be able to play ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay or ‘Fragile’ by Sting. Or whatever tickles your fancy.

There’s a boatload of apps and websites which can help you on your journey and there’s also a good amount of apps for iOS and Android users alike to start learning to play the piano. Plus there’s this one or this one. And the list goes on! Does the six string or bass speak more to your imagination? No worries, the Internet has you covered.

Beginning electronic musicians (House, Techno!) can rejoice as well.

So start riffing, now!

Stare at the walls, under the influence

Oh no wait…

Learn to program / build websites and apps

A good way for fighting boredom while #socialdistancing: the Internet. We use it every day. We know how to surf it and how to consume information on it but do we actually know how it works and how a website or application is built? Well, now is the time to learn! You got the time right? Let’s start with the W3 Schools: The W3 is the organization that standardizes erm…. All the standards for the online world and W3 Schools is their educational platform. Here you can educate yourself in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and everything in between through reading, examples and practice. Wanna learn mySQL, Python or Bootstrap. Anything else? Quit reading and start coding! We need the manpower! 🙂

Plus there’s Code Academy, a place where one can start learning by doing. Cool ey?

Same thing but this time for Arduino and or electronics

Not the type of guy / gal that wants to stare at a computer screen all day? Wanna get your hands dirty? Perhaps together with the kids? Well, Arduino might be the thing for you. Roughly said it’s a combination of working with electronics and computer programming to build devices and applications. Get started here.

Need a new laptop for your projects? Check out iBOOD Electronics. Need kit and components? Google ‘Arduino kits’ and order away!

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Do those pesky chores you’ve been looking at (but never did normally)

With a boat load of stores closed, we hit the construction markets across Europe big time! Lines were forming and people were waiting. Why to get those pesky chores done in and around the house! Well, to this we say nay! To the standing in line and endangering yourself we say!

Because why would you wait so long when you can get everything online from our DIY store? stuffed with tools purchased by these 4 wise guys? Can’t resist right? Plus you won’t be endangering yourself and others in the process and that, folks, is worth staying home for!!!

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Redecorate the home

What does one do, after painting the walls and laying down a new floor? Right! Look for furniture and accessories! And good news, there’s a whole world of options to explore.  And  more! Check out the what a chair looks like in this corner, and in that one or check out an entire new interior without purchasing actual furniture. It’s all out there, and possible.

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Hope that’s enough suggestions for Fighting boredom while #socialdistancing. But whatever you do: stay home, go out as little as possible. And stay safe!

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